Mat Shockney/ July 8, 2013/ minutes

WRBA Admin meeting  April 16, 2013  7:00pm at Englewood Baptist, Bedford, IN

Gary Jones Steve McNeil gave an Associational Assessment presentation from what 13 churches who filled out the survey said. (Confidential info was taken out.) The assessments measure what you believe more than practice. They gave out information pages and demographics papers. We have to own whatever plan we commit to.  Phil Thorne- Sparked a discussion on an Association of pastors or an association of churches? We want to partner on purpose. Be weary of an entitlement culture (What’s in it for me?), and develop leaders and vision. What is the vision and how do we employ it? What are things that are association specific: disaster relief, mission trip org, church planting…

Location of WRBA meetings  We discussed centralizing the location of WRBA meetings so people don’t have to spend as much time and money to travel.

Pulpit Supply  Gary Jones is spearheading pulpit supply in our association.

Conviction committee…Constitution Revision- The Marriage statement is being worked on by Gary, John, Dave. We are covered by Baptist faith and message on marriage issues, but need to be on the most current Baptist faith and message. The WRBA constitution needs to read “baptist faith a message 2000 and must be presented in 2 consecutive WRBA meetings. The official change will not be until the September meeting.

Cooperating Churches- How do we define and hold accountable whether a church is in fellowship with association and SCBI in various forms. Need to look at and evaluate: ACP report filled out, co op program giving, giving to assoc. If these things are not done, is a church considered out of fellowship? What does it mean to disassociate? Consequences/process?  Be ready to discuss more next Admin meeting. The effect on SCBI contract employees was discussed as well.

Insurance/ liability- We are a corporation. If they have injury using assoc. equipment etc. and out of fellowship not good.

ACP Reporting- Clerk is supposed to inform churches of ACP. The report is provided by the Clerk from the STATE. The ACP is the information about your church from the year previous.


June is the next admin team meeting. If you have any new business to propose, contact the Admin team with the proposal by June 18 to have it presented at the next WRBA meeting on July 16.

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