Mat Shockney/ January 20, 2014/ minutes


Rivers Edge Fellowship Church- Bedford, IN  November 19, 2013

Phil Thorn opened the meeting. He thanked the WRBA for all the help over the years to start REFC, and now they are in their own building.

Phil Prayed

Minutes–  They were presented by Clerk Mathew Shockney

A change to Sept. Minutes was brought by Ken Hose. Betty speck brought up the sale of the Crane property not Ken Hose.

Old business was covered in the 9.18.13 minutes.
Calvary property has been transferred to Another Chance Ministries.

Calendar has been posted to

Reminder was given that the Constitution is now officially changed.

The focus and involvement of our association in Church planting missions was celebrated and discussed. Our decisions by vote from the 9.18.13 meeting were reviewed: budget item 31 from Calvary (because the building has been donated) is now changed and given to Highland Lakes Baptist Camp. Portico will be supported at $200.00 per month at first of the year and Ireland church plant will be supported upon approval.

Motion to accept minutes was made by Mat
2nd from Zack Blackwell
Vote passed

Financial Report from Treasurer Melissa Rowe

We have a new changes to the financial report. The new budget format was explained.

Melissa Rowe said we should get a reimburse from Calvary insurance that we paid through the end of the year.

Motion to accept minutes was made by Melissa Rowe
Second Dave Ferry
Vote passed

New business

Tornados- Washington update was given about damages from the tornado. The town is under a curfew. Disaster relief was being done through Church of Christ. Businesses were hit the hardest. Gary jones mentioned that Kokomo was hit hard as well as Lebanon, and Lafayette. Again, mostly business were hit not residential. An encouraged was made to give to COOP program and disaster relief for this reason.

Dessert– It was discussed if we could do a dessert after the meeting instead of meal because most people eat before 7:00pm. It was said that we would try it and see how it would go. People did not express any opposition.

Music– Zach Blackwell lead in music.

Message- Brain Johnson of the bible ministry team  shared about making the Bible and word made known practically.   They explained how their churches were serving one another to reach Washington and the large population of Haitians there. Brain expressed the importance of the association and Cooperative program.  He said that we don’t get together to get dessert and friends but to do and hear about the great commission.  Brian invited Jacque Estifill the pastor of a Haitian church plant in Washington to share. Jacque planted in Tampa Florida, Georgia, now Indiana. Jacque said this was God’s plan not my plan. I was good in Georgia. We now live in the church and are trusting God. He introduced his wife a nurse and explained how they left their jobs in Georgia because of their call to washington Indiana. He asked us to pray for his wife and kids (Ages 24, 8, 6, 3) in the transition and for the Discipleship of the Haitian people in Washington.

Matt Higgins prayed for Jaques and Washington. Jacque prayed for the association.

The Missions offering was $69

There were 32 in attendance, 13 churches represented.

Zach motion to adjourn.
Matt Higgins 2nd.


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