Mat Shockney/ February 13, 2015/ minutes

WRBA Meeting 1.15.15

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church


Clerk Mat Shockney called to order. Moderator and assistant moderator both out do town. 


Minutes were presented for acceptance by Clerk Mathew Shockney. Second by Dave Ferry. Accepted by Vote.

Treasurer report presented for acceptance by Melissa Rowe. Second by Joanna black. 

Accepted by Vote.

Old Business

Oden has received most of the money but some may be in back in escrow with the lawyers involved until WRBA state organizational work in finalized.  We are still waiting on State. They are extremely slow. Our paperwork had not been filed for some time. Alden Haines and Sharon Hite were still listed as officers. Mat Shockney spoke about the process that the CARLA organization at IU went through to reinstate.

The Disaster relief building and Bloomington property

Admin is leaning toward selling our disaster relief building and build a disaster relief building at HLBC. Deed the Bloomington property over to Foot of the Cross Church as they have been managing and using it for the last 5 years. The decision for moving forward will be decided at next admin meeting and not voted on until next WRBA meeting pending all of our state reinstatement papers.


Motion was made to ask the admin team to move WRBA investments from SBC foundation to IBF and decide whether to more money from our money market account  to IBF. Motion “???”. Second. Zach Blackwell. Vote passed.


Motion brought by Admin team to switch WRBA insurance to Guide One. This could mean possible discounts to churches and to the WRBA if certain dollar amounts of premiums were reached. (Guide one would give money back to WRBA.) There were 3-4 churches already with Guide one in our WRBA. Motion was already brought approved at a previous WRBA meeting. Passed by vote 

New Business

It was proposed that the Admin look at doing quarterly meetings and open discussion up for that at the next WRBA meeting. The meeting format can not be changed until Sept because it would be a Constitutional change that would need to happen at the Annual meeting.

Mat Shockney shared stories about how the partnership of WRBA has impacted lives.

Portico Church and their opening of a new coffee shop in Bloomington that they are also using for their Sunday worship. It is located on west 3rd street. Many great conversations and lives being changed.

Foot of the Cross Church and Baptist Collegiate Ministry is outgrowing their current space and will be looking for the next place. Shared about people who have been transformed by the gospel.

The Hennie Family newsletter was highlighted. Mike was the pastor at White River Baptist Church and moderator of the WRBA before leaving with IMB.

Zach Blackwell lead in Music.

Mat Shockney lead everyone in a time of shared spoken prayer for personal, local, country, and world outreach and issues.  Asking God to move and giving Him praise.

Offering- ???

Close JC hall closed in prayer.

A Dessert fellowship followed.

18 attendance 

6 churches represented

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