Mat Shockney/ December 16, 2015/ minutes

WRBA meeting 8.16.15 

7:00pm Englewood Baptist Church



Phil Thorne opened the meeting. He spoke about SCBI meetings of the executive team, and the marriage/church issues SCBI meeting at HLBC there were 300 in attendance.

Phil Prayed

Minutes- Motion brought Clerk Mat Shockney to accept the minutes. One correction- Rivers Edge Fellowship Church to Englewood Baptist Church for place of meeting. 2nd by Ron Henry. Motion passed.

Finance report – Melissa explained expenses were so high but 4 months of support for works, insurance, Admin expenditures- funeral throws to leaders Betty Speck and jim downey. Motion brought by Melissa Rowe. 2nd Toni taylor. Motion passed.

Old Business

Phil stated that the State Incorporation status was retroactively reinstated.

Transfer of the buildings has been appointed and approved. Mat explained why Dec 31 2015 was a better date to close on the south walnut property.

Disaster relief building- Ron Henry will be working on the deed for the Disaster relief building to transfer to White River Baptist Church.

No other Old Business

New Business

Chris Jones Pastor of Redeemer Community Church in Blooimington, IN requests to become a part of WRBA. He is a Acts 29 church plant in Bloomington. A credentials team will meet before the annual meeting to vote and RCC would be places on watch care one year. Ron Henry asked about Acts 29. Explained Acts 29 and Chris thanked fxchurch and association for use of chairs. Chris explained his desire to support the coop program.

Harvest Bible Chapel Bloomington, IN considering coming into the assoc. Jerry Miller- in Vincennes Harvest Bible Church agreed they were not good cooperates with SBC.

Ron Henry asked about money in money out. What are we going to do for spending next year. Phil talked about proposed budget. Melissa showed income and expenses. YTD we have lost $6580 but some annual expense will cover until next July. Ron suggested looking back over last 5 years at income.

Mary McCarty thank Assoc for all support for Betty.

John Horn team leader for church planting for SCBI. Took over for Bobby Pell.

Talked about how great WRBA has been as a great partner. Three priorities1.  strength churches and leaders 2. impacting lostness 3. church planting 19 church plants currently on pace for a record. NAMB said IN doing so well to give through cooperative program. SCBI recognized as one of the best coaching systems for church planting by NAMB. Spanish church plant of 150 in Jasper. Raising up young pastors to plant more churches. They are starting a Spanish church planting center. Haitian church plant sponsored by Calvary baptist washington they are giving to Assoc. Pastor Simon from the Hatian church spoke. They have 65 a Sunday, 10 students in a pastoral Bible School. I have come to thank you. Hope to open church in Vincennes and Evansville. Hope to have a church in Vincennes sponsor the plant. Need for a church to sponsor hispanic church plant to Washington.

REFC block party. Over 500 people in 3 hours. Brought in air evac helicopter

Jim and Kim Belie- Church planting intern at REFC. Has been going to church planting center in southeast assoc. Will be doing block part for grand opening for Rural King.

Jerry Miller- Heritage in Vincennes. On the upswing with young families.

John Pastor Bloomington Baptist Church- Coming Saturday Jeff and Carla are coming from IMB Russia for 6 month Furlough. They will be speaking in midwest. Bloomington Baptist is resurrecting the parsonage for them to stay. Spring revivals for southeastern students. They will come one week to preach and reach. Korean church involved.

Ron Henry. Sale of state office. Adding on to the house and mobile units next top Highland lakes. HLBC will become hub with DR building and new chapel and redo dining.

John Rodgers retiring.

Bob weeks will be our new church planting catalyst west central wabash and WRBA on Sept 1.

Campers on mission will be at HLBC  for middle 2 weeks in September.

Bobby Pell back at Northwoods.


Pastorless churches Lost 2 pastors. Tim Tessmer Ridegcrest, Matt Higgins moved to Northwoods. Shoals pray for them.

Missions offering ???

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