Mat Shockney/ May 17, 2016/ minutes

WRBA meeting 2.16.16

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church


Moderator Mat Shockney called meeting to order with 16 members present. Mat requested everyone give their E-mail so he can keep everyone updated on what’s happening. WRBA meeting minutes are on web page as well as the calendar, officers, etc.

Mat distributed 2016 calendar

Mat gave update on Mike and Misty Hennie

Mat read Psalm 8 for devotion

Ron Henry led in prayer


Mat presented minutes from Annual Meeting. He asked for questions. Mat moved to accept minutes as presented. Zach Blackwell seconded. Motion passed.


Mat presented Treasurer’s Report in Melissa Rowe’s absence. He noted that Portico and Redeemer Church are now giving to the Association. Jasper First Baptist is joining another association as mentioned at annual meeting.

Mat also noted that $55,871.79 was moved to Indiana Baptist Foundation. Melissa asked to bring motion to use $2000 to pay to State Convention for Disaster Relief. $710 left in bank. Mat asked for questions. Discussion followed. Mat explained that we are trying to eliminate designated funds so money can be spent as deemed necessary. Zach Blackwell seconded Melissa’s motion. Motion passed.

Dave Ferry seconded motion made by Mat for finance report and motions passed.



Land deed for Chouse property needs to be signed by all 3 trustees and notorized. Mat will mail to trustees to have signed. Mat noted that Phil Thorne is a notary. Mat asked about the progress on White River Association property. Ron Henry explained that Dan Quearry was responsible for finalizing that deal.

No other old business



One third of State Missions Offering is going to be reinvested in association. Offering was 767.32. Churches can request funds from state. Money can be used for missions but it has to be for a specific purpose. Church requesting this money has to go thru the Association.

Bobby Weeks-Church Planting Catalyst- presented a request from the Hispanic Church in Washington for funds. White River, Bloomfield is their sponsor. Phil Thorne made a motion from Admin Team to support this church. Ron Henry seconded motion. Motion passed. Bobby Weeks reiterated that a church requesting money has to have a specific need. Mat said he would like to support the Hispanic Church on a monthly basis and will bring this up to Admin Team.


Bobby Weeks talked about church planting and mentioned a Pastor and Planter training coming up. Phil has agreed to use his church, River’s Edge, as a Pastor and Planter Training Center.

1st 6 week session is on preaching similar to seminary training. No charge for 1st session. It starts March 3rd-April 21st , Time 6:30-8:30 PM Will also be on line. Must go thru complete program. On line web site is

Washington Hispanic Church is really struggling. The church can really use help. It has a core group of 25, baptized 4

Portico, Redeemer and Foot of the Cross is really having some encouraging meetings. Reported how the young people at I.U. are really getting interested in learning to live missionally. Gave example of different students and how God is working at I.U.



Shoals Church- church restart- relaunch

John Hutchison-Good Friday Service, All church coming together to do this service

Jason Harris-leaving Jasper, going to get Master’s Degree-Pray for pastor to step in

Mat’s family & opportunities his family has-Mat’s niece living with him

Bobby Weeks-as he continues to minister to churches

All Good Friday services and all the opportunities we have to minister to people during the Easter season

Dave Ferry closed in prayer


Mission Offering $42


Dessert Fellowship followed

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