Mat Shockney/ July 8, 2013/ minutes


New Testament Baptist church  – Martinsville     July 16, 2013

Phil Thorne called the meeting to order.  There was no music.

The minutes from our last meeting were presented and accepted with no “NO” votes.

The financial report was hand out by Melissa Rowe and was accepted with no “NO” votes.

Old Business…

*Adoption of the 2000 Baptist faith and message was discussed. Phil said we are still under the 1963 version and need to update it especially for the definition of family. It needs to be brought up in 2 consecutive meetings. People had questions but they were addressed and the response was positive. It will be on the website for people to review.

*The Planning, Budget, Calendar & Nomination Committee will meet at 9:00 am River Edge Fellowship Church Bedford. That was a change from the proposed calendar and site.

New Business…

*Nov. 1 REFC will be hosting a disciple now youth event. It will be in Bedford between the football and basketball seasons. Phil asked if the association would like to partner together in youth and financial support and offer it to other WRBA churches in conjunction with state. The total cost is $6200 but there are state funds and REFC funds as well. Mat Shockney mentioned asking Youth for Christ and Campus life if they would be interested. Flyers for the event will be provided by the state convention. Matt Higgins said it would be helpful for admin team to decide where the funding would come from in the budget. Melissa Rowe mentioned special missions account (102). Matt Higgins motioned. Mat Shockney second.

*Phil Thorne said that Kidz Fest (by the Jubilee Gang) will be held the 4th-the 6th. The association churches are invited. He asked for prayer and gave out flyers. Phil Thorne also invite the association to the Fall Fire Up.  Bobby Pell (Church planter and SCBI staff) and Nathan Shore (healed of Cancer) will be sharing powerful stories.

*Betty Speck asked for prayer for shoals Baptist and the bible study they have been having.

Message …

*Matt Higgins from the lay members team spoke on Family and worship from Duet 6:4-9.  Worship is our response to God’s Glory. All of life is worship.  The Family is the primary place of worship. Do you think it is important that your kids learn about Jesus?W hat are you doing intentionally to make it so? We need to empower, equip, and expect parents (Eph 4:13) to do the work of ministry

Closing Business,,,

*Mark Haffenbridal resigned form SCBI effective by the end of the year.*Phil Thorne brought resumes for pastor less churches.

*The WRBA Annual Meeting is Sept 17, 6:00pm (meal) 7:00pm (meeting), at Calvary Baptist Washington, IN.

*A fellowship meal and homemade ice cream was provided after the meeting by NT Baptist Church.

Missions Offering was $???.

Attendance was 19 with 8 churches represented. 1 SCBI representative.

Phil motioned to adjourn. Larry Hasket seconded.

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