Mat Shockney/ November 18, 2014/ minutes

WRBA 9.16.14, 41st annual meeting 

Zack Blackwell lead in singing
Mat Shockney lead in a 10 minutes time of prayer through John 17.
Call to Order
Phil Thorne opened the meeting. He introduced guests. Dr Ceicil Seagle- SCBI, Jim and Lana Shields- HLBC, Kevin and Debbie Landry Life Point Church, Bedford.
Phil explained that WRBA does not have a SCBI catalyst person. Mitch Whidden will take care of churches on or east of St. road 37.  John Horn form Southwest association will take care of the rest.
Seating of messengers. Clerk Mat Shockney seated 37 in attendance, 29 messengers, representing 14 churches.
WRBA Meeting Minutes presented (Mathew Shockney). Acceptance passed by vote.
Financial report presented (Melissa Rowe). Acceptance passed by vote.
-First Baptist Odon church has closed.
-Shoals Baptist is closing and looking at doing a legacy plan through SCBI.
Book of reports 
-Moderator report
-Block party report
-BCM/ fxchurch/ Chouse report- Mat Shockney spoke, thanked assoc, and clarified report.
-Calvary Baptist Washington Church/ Haitian Congregation Report- It is being overseen by Tage Eaton. Brian Johnson came with team to work on the church and repair damages. Simone is currently the lead person in the Haitian church and is meeting weekly with Tage. Simone has gone through basic training and assessment.
-Portico report.
-Another Chance ministries report.
-Lifepointe church report- Kevin and Debbie Landry presented the remaining balance of the 27,000 owed on old Limestone Baptist property given to Lifepointe by Genesis Church in Bloomington to WRBA. It was amazing to see how God brought all the pieces together.
-HLBC report- Jim shields – Hlbc had 200 first time professions of faith last year.
-SCBI report- Dr Seagle reminded us that we give through, not to, the coop program.
There has been a huge decline in coop program giving since 2007 (that supports 4800 missionaries around globe.) We need to ask ourselves if we want to preserve a culture or a club. SCBI goals to help churches are to penetrate lostness, develop leaders, plant churches. Harvest is ready but pray for workers. HLBC prayer summit is Nov 6-8. Go to and register. State convention Oct. 20-21. The theme is “A mighty rushing wind.”
-Grace and Truth Church in Ireland report.
Old business
-Odon baptist sold for 10,000 Phil will be signing association off tomorrow. They will pay back bills, then, pastor, and the remainder will be donated to HLBC.
New business
-Nominations report. Ron Henry will fill he open trustee position. Lay ministries is still open.
Jerry Miller Motion to accept. Second by John black. Passed by vote.
-Meetings for 2015 will be held at REFC, with May and November at Englewood.
-Budget- The desire in the proposed Budget was to simplify. In 2015 first baptist Jasper will be leaving our assoc to join Southwest association. They may still give a portion to our association for the 2015 budget year. Admin brings Budget as a motion. Passed by vote.
-WRBA properties -Ron Henry motion that the Admin team reconsider and make a proposal about the WRBA building in Bloomfield and it’s future use. The shower trailers and disaster relief were mentioned in the discussion. There are mold issues in both properties. Second by Mat Shockney. Passed by vote.
-Chouse Bloomington property. Ron Henry motion that the Admin team reconsider and make a proposal about the Bloomington property and it’s future use. Jerry Miller second.
Passed by vote.
-Matt Higgins said thanks to assoc. For food panty gift. The are seeing 60-100 people coming to the pantry. Gospel is shared and people are prayed for.
-Jerry Miller asked pastors to encourage and promote campers on mission and volunteered to speak to any churches interested.
Installation of officers
-Officers were called to the front and Phil prayed.
Offering – $70
Motion to dismiss was made by Zach Blackwell second Amy Thorne.
Dave ferry closed in prayer
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