Mat Shockney/ April 21, 2015/ minutes

WRBA Meeting 3.17.15  

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church



Moderator Phil Thorne called the meeting to order with 26 present.

Prayer by Phil Thorne along with some prayer concerns.

  • Don Pierce—mother passed away
  • Beverly Haines is in a rehab facility in the Ellettsville area for a broken ankle
  • Larry Haskett is taking cancer treatments
  • Matt Higgins had a heart attack.
  • Bobby Pell is stepping down from his position and will be Pastor at Northwoods Church in Evansville. John Horn will be taking the open position.

Minutes were presented for acceptance by Clerk Mathew Shockney; second by Dave Mikulsky and approved as read.

Treasurer report was presented for acceptance by Treasurer Melissa Rowe. Phil Thorne asked that Shoals Baptist Church be added to the list of churches on the report after which a second was given by Brian Sabo and report was approved.

Old Business:

Corporate Reinstatement/IDR Clearance

  • Moderator reported that the WRBA Corporation was dissolved due to lack of reporting to the State of Indiana. Upon Clearance from the Department of Revenue—with the submittal of paperwork from years 2003, 2006-present that had not been filed this should be re-instated. Everything has been submitted and we are now waiting for an answer from the State. After this is approved, the State Corporation status can be re-instated.
  • Phil also noted the attorney handling the sale of the Odon building completed the sale and has finalized the disbursement of funds.

Association Properties:

  • Former Bloomington First Southern/FOTC Chouse (4434 S. Walnut St. Pike Bloomington, IN)—the Admin team made a motion that the Chouse be deeded to Foot of the Cross Church (FOTC) after the Association receives its re-instatement of Corporation status and the building is found to have no outstanding liens. This was second by Ron Henry and approved by vote.
  • DR Building—as was suggested in a previous WRBA meeting the Admin team has discussed whether we should sell the DR Building and donate the money to the State Convention to build a DR Building at Highland Lakes or to donate the building to the State and let them deal with the selling of it themselves and to then use the funds to build a DR Building. Phil stated that he already talked to Cecil Seagle and John Rodgers and that they would be willing to take it and do the work themselves.

Upon discussion, Ron Henry indicated that White River Baptist Church may be interested in purchasing the building and they had a church business meeting this coming Sunday. Jerry Miller asked if the church deeded the property to our association originally. Ron Henry said so much has changed—the Disaster Relief needs a full time “White Hat” to run it. It needs a dedicated person and it is a full time work. Disaster Relief is a great mission—mission minded outreach. He stated that it enable you to reach many un-churched people.

A motion was made by Ron Henry to allow White River Baptist Church to have   the right of first refusal. They would possibly like to make an offer. If nothing can be agreed upon then a decision can be made on how to handle things with the   State. This will need to be addressed by White River Baptist Church before the next Association Meeting on May 19th. The second was given by Jerry Miller

  • Limestone Property—Phil stated that there was an issue with the deed for this property transfer. Some things had been overlooked and we still needed a trustee signature on the deed to finalize the paperwork. However, the remaining signature that is needed is from a Trustee that is no longer active as of December 31, 2014. A motion was made by Zack Blackwell to allow Ken Hose to be a trustee for the term of 1 day, March 17, 2015 in place of Ron Henry. The motion was second by JC Hall. Motion passed by vote. Ken Hose will sign the paperwork after the meeting.

New Business:

SBC Affiliated Entities

  • Hope Resource Center is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. They receive no funds or resources just an affiliation. It was asked what that meant and Phil explained that they were “Endorsed” by the SBC. You can go to the Love Loud section of NAMB and see others also. We were asked to investigate and see if there were other entities in our local communities that are also affiliated with the SBC. We may not be financially supporting them but we should be supporting them with prayers. It was also mentioned that we would like to have Hope Resource Center at a meeting to speak about their ministry.

Betty Speck asked if she was still the Prayer Coordinator. It was stated that as she is not a member of a WRBA Church (since Odon Baptist Church closed) she cannot hold an official position. She can continue to be a prayer warrior and to send cards but we cannot give her an official position or title. It was asked what she needed to do and the answer was that she needs to join a WRBA Church.

John Boggs with Portico in Bloomington wanted to speak and thank everyone and the Association for all of their support and prayer. He stated that they will celebrate 3 years this April and had a need for a larger space so they reclaimed a space that was previously used as a ‘gay bar’. It is now a coffee shop Monday thru Friday and this has allowed them the opportunity to access hundreds of new contacts. They are running an attendance of close to 100 on Sundays now.

Meeting Changes—it was noted that in the January meeting a mention of some changes to our meetings came up. Phil stated the Admin Team had looked at some options for meetings on the 3rd Tuesday in Feb, May, Aug and Oct. This would allow for the Holiday schedules of many in Nov. and Dec. as well as weather issues in Jan. as well as VBS and vacation conflicts in June and July. This would require a Constitutional Change. He asked that everyone be thinking and praying about this.

Moderator ended the business meeting by thanking everyone for being easy to work with and taking the time necessary to address the business of the association.

Music was led by Zach Blackwell.

Ministry Team Presentation was led by Dave Mikulsky with a panel consisting of Phil Thorne, John Boggs, Taj Eaton, John Hutcheson and Zach Blackwell. They spoke of “4 Perspectives in Regards to Worship.” As Dave asked each of them questions he stated that he found one common theme in several of the answers—Worship is not just on Sunday, it is 7 days a week.

Offering: $47.00

Motion to dismiss was given by John Hutcheson and second by JC Hall. Richard Tallman closed in prayer and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Ron Henry.

A dessert fellowship followed.

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