Mat Shockney/ July 10, 2014/ minutes

Rivers Edge Fellowship Church- Bedford, IN November 19, 2013

Dave Ferry opened in prayer and welcomed. Moderator Phil Thorne called to order

Old business none

New business
-Haitian church no longer a part of the association
-Food pantry- admin team suggest recommended we offer ass. to existing food pantries in our association (Shoals, Calvary Heights) as well as some others from our world hunger fund. We will vote in July. World hunger funds are also available thru SCBI.

Ministry team changes
A motion from the admin. team to move Jason Harris to “Word” and Zach Blackwell to “Worship”. Motion carried. Discussed Ministry team openings. Recommended we move JC Hall (Central Paoli) to “Youth ministry”. Leah Pratt to “Lay ministries” if she accepts. Accepted Matt Higgins resignation.

Zach Blackwell and his wife lead us in music.

Jason Harris opened for the Word ministry team. Bobby Pell spoke from James 1 on the inspiration of the Word. Encouraging us to be obedient and inspired hears of the Word.

There was a Group Discussion from questionnaire sent out by the Moderator Phil Thorne to the association and the state. The discussion was directed by ministry team leaders- Jason Harris, Zach Blackwell, and Brit Kirtman. Phil will be sending another questionnaire to all pastors in the state for each time we meet for an association meeting for discussion and training. The desire and purpose of the ministry teams is to strengthen and plant churches. Next time the ministry team highlighted will be prayer.

Finance report
Treasurer Melissa Rowe motioned to accept.  Zach Blackwell 2nd Accepted by vote.

The minutes from the May meeting were presented. Clerk Mat Shockney brought as a motion to accept. Matt Higgins 2nd. Accepted by vote.

Association calendar
June 17th admin team meeting – New business needs to get to admin the Sunday before 17th. July 15 meeting is at rivers edge. Admin will be presenting hunger funds proposal.

Prayer requests
-Beverly Haines and family in Allen’s passing. She has clothes and hundreds of books to donate.
-Haitian church needs a pastor.
-Phil: dangerous situation with a woman in church
-Nigeria girls
-Oden baptist

Gary jones prayed to close.
Phil adjourned.
Englewood Baptist provided a dessert fellowship.

15 churches represented
44 in attendance
Missions offering- $96

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