Mat Shockney/ January 20, 2015/ minutes

WRBA Meeting 11.18.14 

7:00pm at Englewood Baptist Church, Bedford, IN

OPEN- Moderator Phil Thorne opened by stating that “we are going to abridge meeting.” 

Dave Ferry prayed. 

John Hutchinson asks about legacy plant and Shoals Legacy plant was discussed. 

MINUTES were given in copy.  Phil Thorne asked for questions on minutes. Motioned to accept. Dave ferry second. Vote to accept minutes passed. 

TREASURER REPORT- Melissa Rowe gave treasurer report. Sale from Limestone building is in the money market account. Vehicle insurance was switched saving $200 per year. Motion to accept. Second by Phyllis Brinniger. Vote to accept report passed. 


Still no recommendation from Admin team on Chouse and Disaster relief building. 


Melissa brought up switching our southern baptist foundation investment to the Indiana foundation.  Zack Blackwell motion to table and send to Admin for recommendation. 

Brain Zabo 2nd. Vote passed to send to Admin team for recommendation at Jan meeting. 

Phil mentioned estate planning was available from the SCBI foundation. 

Mat Shockney talked about the Veritas forum outreach at Indiana University. 

Dave ferry discussed having some pastors fellowships since we do not have a DOM and/or strategist. 

Phil Thorne discussed the Odon building deed transfer has not been released because of WRBA was a dissolved incorporation as the paperwork at Indiana state gov. level had not been filed for a number of years going back beyond the current Admin team. Our incorporation papers still stated Alden Haynes. Phil has filed the necessary paperwork and is waiting for reinstatement. 

Phil discussed River’s edge financial issues. Also, the new fun zone for Bedford now located in REFC and they get to use it on Sundays. They also have a Boat rental company using their facility. 

John Hutchinson jr lead singing. 


Zack Blackwell introduced discussion panel on worship for next meeting said he would get a list of discussions/questions for churches… like… What is corporate worship? How do we gather people? How do we let people respond? How do we send them out? How do we connect them to father? Brit Kirtman prayed. 

Offering $24

Phil adjourned 

Dave Ferry prayed 

Fellowship dessert was provided by Englewood Baptist in the fellowship hall.

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