Mat Shockney/ February 16, 2016/ minutes

WRBA 42nd Annual meeting 10.20.15

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church


Moderator Phil Thorne welcomed and prayed

Music led by Zack Blackwell. 

Concert of prayer lead by Mathew Shockney. 

Phil opened the Annual meeting. 

Introduction of guests- Bob weeks- new SCBI church planting catalyst for our region. Jim Shields HLBC director. Pastor Larry Snyder of Victory Baptist Church. He reminded pastors 2 nights paid for a year at Hlbc. 

Messengers were seated by Clerk Mathew Shockney. 

Minutes from 8.16.15- Motion to accept printed minutes presented by Clerk Mathew Shockney. Phil recognized a misspelling of Thorn change to Thorne. 2nd Ron Henry. Motion passed.

Finance written report- Motion to accept finance report brought by Melissa Rowe. 2nd Toni Taylor. Motion passed. A question was asked about the shifting of investments to the IBF. The investments were mailed to IBF (Indiana baptist Foundation) this week. 

New churches giving to WRBA- Grace and Truth Ireland, IN. Redeemer community Church Bloomington, IN. 1st Baptist Jasper will not be giving to WRBA at the end of year as they have joined another association closer to them.

Book of reports

-Moderator written report presented by Phil Thorne. 

John Rodgers spoke about the $10,000 being given to SBCI for disaster relief from the sale of the White River building. It will be used to build a 30 by 40 building at HLBC. Jim Shields said it would help to train people in Disaster relief at Hlbc.

-Block party trailer written report presented by Phil Thorne. Trailer has been in use and just needs to keep being resupplied. 

-Grace and truth Church plant written report presented. Pastor Bruce Seivers  mentioned the  their launch service coming in November.

-Bcm written report presented. 

-Fxchurch written report presented.

-Another chance ministry written report presented. 

-Report of SCBI

Dr. Cecil Seagle spoke about SCBI. Asked, What would look like to have 800 gospel Partnered churches? He said numbers are important. We are Gods imagination and hope for the world. From 2010-2015 SCBI planted 100 congregations and 85% have survived.He asked us to be careful how we speak publicly about IMB budget issues. We expect them to balance the budget. Be of good cheer.  What if Indiana Baptists has a gospel presence in every place sun shines. John Rodgers retirement was announced. They are seeking a replacement. Bob weeks will be the new Church planting strategist for our region. SCBI still has a great staff to serve our partners. 

Believe God is going to mighty things in state of Indiana. 

John Rodgers spoke more about Disaster relief and expressed gratitude for the history and current commitment to DR of WRBA. DR hosted round table 140 people from Midwest at HLBC. His last event will be the prayer summit at HLBC and you can register online 

Jim shields director of HLBC spoke. In 1972 the idea that HLBC would become a missional center was hatched by SCBI. Now DR hub, state office move,  New Chapel, camp constantly busy.


Bob Weeks  announced a churches planting churches event coming up. Since 2013- SCBI has avg. 30 plants a year. 

Dr Seagle mentioned that SBC is the most diverse denomination in North America 

It was shared that the Haitian church lost 2 people from bus crash on 65, and they are mistering through the tragedy. Because of coop program they have been able to step in and offer relief to Haitian families. 


Richard prayed for state staff, music minister with cancer, James Garret SBC scholar 90 yrs old who lost wife. 

Old business 

Motion from admin to change meeting schedule to 4 per year feb, may, aug, oct. The motion is on previous minutes. This is a constitutional change which is why we brought it up at 2 meetings and now vote for final passage at the annual meeting. 

Motion Passed. 

New business 

Motion from credentials committee to bring Redeemer Community Church into the association. The will be a 1 year observation time and then approval at the next Annual Meeting. At the Oct 8 credential meeting all admin team were invited and all WRBA pastors. Dr Seagle and Bob weeks were also invited because they have experience and by default RCC would become SCBI. They interviewed head pastor Chris Jones and then went into exec session. Motion Passed 

2016 Officers

Nominating committee report NEED

Moderator- Mat Shockney

Vice Moderator- John Hutcheson

Clerk- Maxine Henry

As. Clerk-Joanne Black

Tresurer- Melissa Rowe

As. Treasurer- Sharon Sabo

Bruce Seivers motion to close nominations. 2nd by Ron Henry. Motion Passed. 

Admin meetings will still be at REFC.  

Budget 2016

No new Missions but can be requested. Hope resource center added. They service large area of WRBA churches. need to increase the admin budget for flowers blankets for deaths and need new quick books software.  

Block party increase is because it is being used and resupplied more often.

Designated account 106 has a negative balance that was from the inflatables. Admin motions to move money out of special missions to cover shortfall and the combine the 2 line items to one. Motion passed. 

installation of officers and prayer 

Pray for officers and requests for Joanne cancer treatments, Peggy, and Phil’s dad.

Ron Henry motion to close, Jerry miller 2nd. Motion passed 

Mission offering was $64.  

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