Mat Shockney/ September 22, 2016/ minutes

WRBA meeting 8.16.16

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church

Need to make a motion to end our last meeting

John Hutcheoson motion to close last meeting

Second Dave Ferry

Mat gave a reminder to churches to fill out their ACPs.

Mat Shockney devotion from life of Moses and Deut. 34.

Zach Blackwell led in singing


Minutes were presented. Motion to accept by Toni Taylor, second Dave Ferry. Vote passed.


Finance report presented by treasurer

Melissa showed that od the $10,000 that we received back form the foundation and put in our checking there is $588 left. Seems as if we are losing money but many yearly bills were due and many churches give quarterly so we are waiting to see where we end up. Motion to accept by Zach Blackwell, second Jerry Miller. Vote passed.


Old business

The Disaster relief $10,000 to Highland Lakes camp in July was paid by White river Baptist Church as a part of the former WRBA disaster relief building agreement.


Motion form admin to eliminate and combine designated accounts. The issue is that we do not have records for these accounts. Last meeting Phil made a motion have admin teamwork on it and bring it to the annual meeting. Much discussion. The designated accounts show up as liabilities and hamstring us from being able to use available funds if needed because we have to keep those liabilities in accounts. Jerry miller asked why we have 58,000 in bank if so many opportunities for planting. We should at least give off of the interest. It came down to us being a generous association and we can we can budget , vote to use funds when asked which is what we do anyway. The designated were to protect for the money for missions but the only thing WRBA exists to do now is missions. We don’t have buildings, vehicles, or staff. We have the on demand CD wait while other mature to support, and we can plan to use CD’s as they mature. Motion from admin to adopt changes. They will appear on the 2017 budget at the annual meeting.


Admin meetings will be on the 3rd Tuesday before WRBA for consistency moving forward.


New Business

It was mentioned that Highland Lakes Camp needs 150,000 to finish the new building.

Mentioned that we need to clean our old Disaster relief building in the near future and Phil will need help disposing and moving tents.


SCBI Church planting moving forward despite and lack of funds. Record number of plants last year, 30. They are asking churches and associations to step up. They will be moving to a Bi vocational, and/or fund raising model.

Dr. Ceagle retiring pray for our state convention as they find a replacement.


Mat will be contacting Steve Blanchard to look at on mission celebration.


Ken Hose Motioned to close after the offering is taken. Second Jerry Miller. Vote passed


The offering was $51.

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