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WRBA Annual Meeting 10.18.2016

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church

Zach Blackwell opened meeting with praise music and led in prayer

Maxine Henry seated the messengers. There were 9 churches present

Mat Shockney presented Book of Reports. He mentioned Dr. Seagle is retiring and that Steve McNeil will be interim until an executive director is appointed.

Mat’s devotion was from Psalms 118. Mat led in a season of prayer asking members to pray with the person next to them giving thanks as he read the verses.

Mat closed in prayer as this season of prayer was concluded

The Minutes were given by Clerk Maxine Henry. Presented by Moderator Mat Shockney. Trevor Kirtman made motion minutes as presented. Jerry Miller seconded. Motion passed

Finance report was presented by Mat. Melissa Rowe made motion to accept finance report for July-Sept

Mat addressed the Proposed Budget for 2017. He explained some of the cuts and the increases and the reason for each. He explained that Portico will roll off.

Haitian and Ireland churches will continue to be funded. If we want to support additional work we can because of our on demand CD’s. Disaster Relief budget was cut. Block Party budget was increased. Mat discussed On Mission Celebration which is scheduled for this year. The designated accounts will now actually be what we are about. Mat noted that we are more at giving money, planting churches and helping churches than turning the money inward.

Jerry Miller noted that any money put into IBF from now until December, the interest will double

The on demand CD will always reflect the designated account from now on

The Proposed Budget for 2017 was brought by the Admin Team therefore it does not need a second. Motion passed.

Final finance report totals will be posted on line


New Business

Mat noted 3 positions that need to be filled; Assistant Clerk, Disaster Relief Chairman, and 1 Trustee. Jerry Miller nominated J.C. Hall for Disaster Relief. Ron Henry seconded. Motion passed.

Mat Shockney nominated Dave Ferry for Trustee. Phil Thorne seconded. Motion

Motion brought by Admin Team to accept nominations. Motion carried


Mat noted calendar

2 things to celebrate- Shoals relaunch, He gave a report of what is going on in Shoals and progress being made.

Mat recognized that the Redeemer Church is officially part of the Association. Criteria was 1 year probation. They have had 26 baptisms in 20 months

Other Old Business-Come up with work day to clean out association building. There is nothing left that is needed by the association. Mat will coordinate the

cleaning out of association building. There was discussion of what to do with remaining items left in building. Some will be sold, some recycled, and some thrown


ACP Report-needs to be filled out and Mat has a copy of report. This can be done on line.

Jerry Miller introduced Jonathan Titsworth as the new pastor at Heritage

Mission offering $96

Mat made motion to end meeting. Seconded by Ron Henry

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