Mat Shockney/ July 8, 2013/ minutes

WRBA associational meeting May 21, 2013 at Immanuel  Baptist in Petersburg.

Our meeting was opened with a song led by Brother Zach.

Larry Barr led in prayer.

Phil Thorne called the meeting to order.

The minutes from our last meeting were presented and accepted.

Financial Report- The financial report was given.  Jim Williams asked what the A/C 108 expenditure was and Melissa said it was repairs on the truck.  Jerry Miller asked about the balance owed us on the Limestone building.  Melissa will check and add that to the next report.  Brother Phil said they are trying to pay it off by January.  The finance report was accepted.

Pulpit Supply- Brother Gary Jones provided a list of supply preachers and Bro Phil made it available to all the churches.


Credentials/Convictions committee– Dave Ferry gave a written and verbal report from the Credentials/Convictions committee.  They suggest we amend our constitution at the annual meeting to state “current” Baptist Faith & Message rather than a particular year.  Also to think about adopting a covenant between each church and the association similar to the one Crossroads Association uses.

Message- Zach led another song and then shared on age-group ministries.  The message was “Worship for All Generations” and the main resource used was a book by Gary McIntosh titled “One Church, Four Generations.”  He shared about Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers.  They each have different characteristics and approaches to worship services.  Our culture changes around us and if we want to reach all generations, we may need to consider how we can blend our worship services to reach them. We are to one body, not four.  The 4-fold order of worship is: Gathering – prepare to hear the Word, Word – reading and teaching the Word; Table of Response – responding to the message; Sending – send out to share the message.

We closed in song.

The offering was $56.

Attendance was 29 with 11 churches represented.

Betty Speck motioned we adjourn.  Joanne Black seconded and motion carried.

If you have any new business to propose, contact the Admin team with the proposal by June 18 to have it presented at the next WRBA meeting on July 16 at New Testament Baptist Church-Martinsville, IN.

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