Mat Shockney/ August 15, 2017/ minutes

WRBA meeting 5.16.17

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church


Mat opened meeting with Scripture reading from Psalms 54:1 and led in prayer.


Mat presented minutes and asked for questions. Jerry Miller made motion to accept minutes as presented and Jim Biehle seconded it. Motion carried.


In Melissa’s absence Mat addressed finances. Mat noted that the checks that are sent out to the churches we support be sent out after the money has come in instead of before. We are on a quarterly system now. If any partners are not ok with this system we will address this issue with each one separately. Now each church will get their support March, June, September, and December instead of paying before we have the money.

Grace and Truth will roll off in 2017 of our 3 year commitment.

Jerry Miller made a motion to accept finance report. Ron Henry seconded it. Motion carried.



Ron asked about the 10,000 from the sale of the Association building and where it went. Mat explained that it went to Highland Lakes to the State Disaster Relief.

Chouse House- Mat will call trustees together and finalize.


Mat brought to our attention a scholarship application for campers to use to request money to go to camp. There is 700+ dollars designated for this purpose. Money not used in a year timeframe can be rolled over. There was questions and discussion concerning the criteria for this camp. Mat explained the guidelines are on the applications. Mat made a motion to accept this form for camp.

Block party trailer is available to churches. Phil is in-charge of this. Anyone using Block Party trailer, please inform Phil of what is used so it can be replaced.


Bob Weeks-There is going to be a church plant in Terre Haute- Dave and Keri, Redeemer church plant

Mat made a recommendation that he would serve on the Executive Board along with Dave Ferry. We are allowed to have 3 persons. Anyone else interested please be in prayer about.

Jonathan and Terra Titsworth, Jerry Miller’s pastor, his wife is expecting a child and it has a heart defect and will need heart surgery at birth.

Dave McKlusky- Thanks for prayer and support when their daughter lost baby.

Pray for those doing mission work.  Mat’s daughter going on a mission trip.

Dave Ferry mentioned Mike and Misty coming back to states for a visit. Continue to pray for them.

Jim Shield’s daughter serving overseas is returning from Africa.

Mat prayed for these requests.

Mat turned meeting over to Jim Shields-Highland Lakes Camp Director. He gave an update on things going on at Highland Lakes. New Worship Center was a $500,000 venture. Money came in and it is debt free. Jim encouraged attendees to promote camp participation.

MOTTO-Phillipians 1:27-Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Highland Lakes has a need-An AED- check with Fire Dept.

Pastors has 2 free nights available at the camp.


Missions offering $69


John Hutchison made a motion to adjourn .  Jim Shields seconded. Phil closed in PRAYER

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