Mat Shockney/ January 5, 2013/ minutes

I. Worship

Joanne black played piano and led us in singing hymn #3, Worthy of Worship. Moderator, Mike Hennie, opened in prayer.

II. Minutes Accepted

Mike Hennie moved to accept the minutes from the last meeting. George Murphy 2nd. The minutes were accepted.


III. Treasurer Report Accepted

Mike Hennie moved that the treasurer report be accepted. Zach Blackwell 2nd. The report was accepted.

IV. Admin Team Report

It was stated that new business for the next meeting must be received by the Admin Team by Feb 12th.

V. Motion

A motion was made to continue support for Trevor Kirtman at $200 from New Missions until other opportunities arise and are evaluated. Mike Hennie asked for a vote it passed unanimously.

VI. Officer List Changes

An Association Officer list was presented. There were changes that needed to be made to the list as follows:

  • Mary Mcarty- New phone: home 812 699 4318, cell: 502 403 5198
  • Prayer coordinator needed to be added: Betty Speck 812 659 2795
  • Matt Higgins cell phone area code: 804 — —-
  • Sharon Sabo: 812 583 3023
  • Zack changed to Zach

VII. Old Business


VIII. New Business


IX. Worship Team Leader

Message: Jason Harris

God centered worship not man centered. Sad what passes for worship today. We are more concerned about entertaining goats then taking care of sheep. It is not about style it is the subject matter of your praise. 5 things from Psalm 19.

  1. Heavens declare His Glory,
  2. …at all times
  3.  …but not with words,
  4.  …in all places,
  5. …In the heavens He has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a groom coming from the bridal chamber;

3 reasons why you should want God to be God centered. what about others, me…

  1. God knows ultimate joy and satisfaction is only in Him.
  2. The worship of HIM brings us HIM. His Joy and satisfaction
  3. The only way for God to be loving is to point us to HIM.

We don’t need more gifts from God we need Him. A Music Video was played- “Jesus is my life”

X. Offering

It was received by Phil Thorne and Zach Blackwell. Phil Thorne prayed before the offering. The amount received was $89.00.

XI. Church Planter

Phil Thorne introduced John Boggs a new NAMB approved church planter for Bloomington, IN.

XII. Adjourn

Mike Hennie motion to adjourn. 2nd by Matt Higgins

XIII. Prayer

Matt Higgins – dismissed in prayer.

XIV. Fellowship

A meal and fellowship time was provided by Bloomington Baptist in the fellowship hall.

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