Mat Shockney/ August 18, 2014/ minutes


Rivers Edge Fellowship Church- Bedford, IN  July 15, 2014

Moderator Phil Thorne called the meeting to order.

Gary Jones prayed 

MINUTES was presented by Clerk Mat Shockney by copy. Passed by vote 

Finance report was presented by Treasurer Melissa Rowe by copy. Passed by vote

Melissa explained that she has contribution forms for churches.


Old business

Admin brings as a motion to give the Domestic hunger fund 101 to…

Shoals Baptist request for food station $500. Calvary Heights Baptist food pantry $2686.99.  Calvary Heights is also receiving world hunger funds from SCBI in June. The remainder of the fund will be given to SCBI Hunger funds.

Passed by vote 

Calvary baptist/ Haitian church 

There was a church split. Pastor Jacque went elsewhere. Simone the new pastor is using facility. Has planted 6 others Haitian churches that have pastors and are up and running. The pastor of Calvary Baptist Washington shared and explained the cultural and language barrier as we all partner together.  May June July partner money was not sent from WRBA when NAMB pulled support of Jacque. There was a a lot of damage do to the Calvary Baptist building from Jacques family who was living there and the plant. They asked Admin team for help with repairs. Admin team brought a motion to give $200 a month to Calvary pursing church plant to the end of the year and $700 additional dollars to help with repairs and future plant.  Also, SCBI will be giving $1400 WRBA, an additional $700, and  Calvary $700. Brian Johnson former pastor is bringing in a team to do the repairs. There was a discussion about what will keep this from happening again. No will be able to live in the church again. There is a coach from Ohio coming in to help. and there will be better written expectations. 

Motion Passed by vote.

Ministry team opening

Admin team brought a motion to for John Allen Hutcheson to fill the vacant age group position. Passed by vote 

New business 

Odon first Baptist has unanimously voted to close. Odon bylaws say to give building to association. We do not have to accept the building. Carl and Mary Macarty said they need $1000 to pay final bills and close.  Motion was brought from Admin team to give up to &1000 to help them close the building and help them find another non profit to donate the building to.  Passed by vote

Music– Zach Blackwell lead in singing.

Message- John Rodgers from the SCBI prayer and evangelism team shared form  2 Chron 7:1-16.  Explained that we see a lot of physical activity in church but where is the power. 3 questions Are we ready to accept the sentence of God on our lives? Are we ready to surrender our liberty to the sovereignty of God? Are we ready to accept the working in our lives as we wait on the work of God?  What hinders us from being filled with the power of God. The problem is us His people not the world.  What are the possibility of sin in my life that is keeping Gods power back? Do we want to obey. We like scissor theology.  We should be excited by 1 Cor 15:16-18. Finding, following, finishing the will of God is the only way out to repentance. Not send me… BEND me!!! 

Charlotte Jones SCBI prayer coordinator lead a 15 min guided prayer time.

What is the one thing that stands between you and a deeper relationship with God? 

What is keeping me from being completely filled with spirit? What are you listening to watching that needs to be removed? What comes our of your mouth? Hands?

Am I bending to Lord or other things?  Feet? Do you need to forgive or go to someone with a grudge against you? 

Phil Thorne adjourned meeting and REFC provided a dessert fellowship.

Attendance 37

Churches in attendance 11. 

Offering- $50

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