Send North America

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 15, 2013

Learn more about Send North America, NAMB’s strategy for moving churches and individuals into all regions of North America to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and start new churches. send >> north america

SBC Call to Prayer

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 15, 2013

NAMB president Kevin Ezell challenges church members to pray for spiritual awakening during the January 2013 SBC Call to Prayer. For more on the initiative, visit

Olwetus Hope

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 14, 2013

The story of one young girl and her life in South Africa. OneLife develops advocates for global causes. OneLife is committed to Jesus Christ and His global mission; using time, money, energy, skills, education, career, and every resource to share Christ and serve those in spiritual and physical need. >>

Selah Music Video

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 14, 2013

We are all called to walk in obedience and BE God’s heart, hands and voice throughout the world. But when it could cost you your friends, your family, or even your life, are you willing to follow Christ–no matter the cost?

Highland Lakes

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 14, 2013

Rest. Refreshment. Reflection. Highland Lakes Camp is a retreat center in south central Indiana, located on over 400 acres of beautiful forest and nestled in the hills of Morgan County. It continues to be a growing camp and conference center ministry reaching children, youth, and adults. >>

Superstorm Sandy: The Need Continues

Jason "Mac" Snyder/ January 14, 2013

Kevin Ezell, president of NAMB, shares from the devastated streets of Staten Island how Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are meeting physical and spiritual needs in the area. He urges prayer and financial support for a volunteer effort needed for months to come. >>

Meeting Minutes 5-Jan-13

Mat Shockney/ January 5, 2013

I. Worship Joanne black played piano and led us in singing hymn #3, Worthy of Worship. Moderator, Mike Hennie, opened in prayer.