Mat Shockney/ August 16, 2016/ minutes

WRBA meeting 5.17.16

7:00pm Rivers Edge Fellowship Church


Moderator Mat Shockney called meeting to order with 17 members present and opened with prayer. Zach Blackwell led in Worship music. Mat started meeting with a devotion from Matthew 16. Mat presented minutes and made an amendment to minutes about the $2000 being sent to Disaster Relief. It hasn’t been paid yet and that we voted that any remaining monies (after repairs of vehicles, fees, utilities, etc.) of the $2000 designated account would be sent to SCBI disaster relif.


Mat discussed in length the different items on finance report. He explained about the money invested in IBF and how it works. He explained that Melissa can get money without penalty from the on demand CD. This is a 1 year CD. There is $13,986.87 in this CD. Mat explained about the different CD’s, and why there is a 1, 2, 3, and 5 year CD, that way they come due at different times and there won’t be a penalty in case the money is needed. The total invested in the Baptist Foundation can be used to help churches. Overview –March and April report Melissa’s deposit for April is not reflected on report Jan-Mar is negative$148.65 Line item 108- Didn’t have enough money for the $2000 to go to Highland Lakes for Disaster Relief due to the Disaster Building’s electric, and other expenses. This hasn’t been rolled off yet. Ron Henry seconded Melissa’s motion to accept Treasurer’s report. Motion passed Other old business:


Phil Thorne said the deed for the Disaster Association building has been transferred but the money has not been paid yet. This money will go to Highland Lakes. Melissa told about Hope Resource Center and explained a little about and mentioned an information booklet available. This ministry is one we support. Hispanic Planting Catalyst Pastor Jesus introduced Luis Mercado, Pastor at the Washington Hispanic church. He explained that there are 10 new Hispanic churches over the state looking for partnership with churches. The State says there are 500 Hispanic people in Indiana but there are actually more than that. The State wmay like someday to start a Hispanic church in Bloomington. He asked for any churches interested in being sending churches. Luis gave an update on Washington Church. He shared ideas and interest about starting other churches. Jesus explained leadership development will be available later in year. Jerry Miller asked about Haitian church in Washington. Phil gave update on it. Mat explained about using money from designated accounts to help new works. There was discussion about designated money and if we can use for other expenses. That will be addressed in new business.


Phil made a motion that all designated accounts be redesignated by Admin Team and brought back to us at next meeting. Sharon Sabo seconded and discussion followed. Melissa Rowe questioned who would determine the redesignation and it was determined that the Admin Team would. Motion carried. Mat stated that the Admin Team had talked about changing designated accounts.

Phil Thorne made motion to take out of designated account $200 per month for remainder of year to help the Washington Hispanic Church. Jerry Miller amended motion for money to come out of IBF that is sitting in the checking account. Zach Blackwell seconded. Motion carried.

Phil noted that NAMB is out of money for new church works. Praise God for so many new works.

Ron Henry asked about CD’s. It was explained that all our investments are invested in IBF. Anybody can invest in IBF. Mat and Mellissa explained that the IBF account is an on demand CD account which can be gotten within 1 day.

Ron asked about the Association’s address. The address is 3118 Washington Ave, Bedford, which is Inglewood’s address.

Mat asked for any other new business. There was none.

June 28th 7:00 Admin Team meeting Phil will send Robo calls to remind people Our website: keeps it updated. August 16 is the next association meeting at River’s Edge 7:00


Phil’s dad had medicine interaction and is in Indy hospital Dave Ferry has niece on lung transplant list Mat-issues at FX-IU students. Basketball coach caught with marijuana, presents opportunity for Mat to reach out.  John Hutchinson-Praise-seeing people who thought they were saved but weren’t and recognizing their need to surrender.

Mission offering $41 Dessert Fellowship followed

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